Service Disclaimer

1. Customer is required to check carefully on the quantity and quality of goods received, any return will not be accepted after customers’ acceptance of goods.
2. In case reprint is necessary, only the defected product will be allowed and neither refund nor change of products, content, design nor specifications would be accepted.
3. We do not accept any alteration or cancellation once the order has been confirmed.
4. Apex Print Limited (“APL” or “Company”) withholds the rights to destroy any non-picked up goods after 14 days upon collection date and would not be responsible for any loss that caused from this action; in such circumstances, no deposit nor prepayment will be refunded, and APL withholds the rights to pursue the remaining balance amount or value of the goods.
5. All customers are required to withdraw their stocks in one time manner. APL does not provide any service by batch or partial withdrawal.
6. Color Standard of all printed materials should refer to our standard in color management. Please do not refer to the standard on any monitor, screen or printed manuscript. Artwork MUST be in CMYK, Bitmap or Grayscale mode. All RGBs or Spot colors would be converted into CMYK for printing, should there be any variance induced, color standard of all printed materials should also refer to our standard in color management as well. The Company will not be responsible for any color shift dispute due to color conversion. (Excluded for spot color printing items in Full Sheet)
7. The Company is not responsible or liable to any customer file submission that is not matching with customer confirmed requirements, which may include file inconsistency with size/bleeding deficit/color/cutting size/image resolution inadequate/lacking of fonts/too close to bleeding area, and etc., that may result final product varied from customer request.
8. Should there be any QR code or Barcode printed on the manuscript, the Company cannot guarantee that the information in the barcode can be read normally.
9. All printing of color do exist color variance to certain extent. Under reasonable color variance, customer should not use this as a reason and ask for any reprints, discount or refund. APL will not accept those requests. The Company has its own color management to ensure that all printing colors are within reasonable levels.
10. The Company would only keep the customer electronic files up to 7 days after order completion.
11. Account: Any allocation and provision of login ID or password (hereinafter referred to as “User ID”) are used for personal or commercial purposes only. Subscriber or account owner of such login account is made responsible for all statements and acts. Subscriber will agree that when the user number is lost or stolen, or when confidentiality is violated, the account owner must inform APL immediately. Account owner also expressly agreed that APL based on password reminding and for the purpose to maintain our service and/or in accordance with an aggregate court and/or government legal requirements to enter your account.
12. Account Using and Security: The account name and password are on behalf of your identity, customer is required to keep the account and password properly with responsibility. Such account and password should not be disclosed to others or to let other people to use. All acts conducted with your account and password are deemed to be the acts of the account holder. Account holder is obliged to pay the fees arising from the account. If customer noticed that the account and password are misappropriated or otherwise improperly used, he must notify the Company immediately to take further action. However, customer shall not interpret the measures taken by the Company as express or implied warranty or liability for the Company and the Company shall not be liable for any illegal use of your account name and password. Customer should log out the account properly after used to prevent account name and password being theft by others. If the account has not been used for more than three months, the Company has the right to terminate your account at any time without prior notice.
13. Customer guarantees that the printing content does not include any printed matter without authorization of the copyright holder text, images, designs, trademarks, currency and bank note or any of the copyrighted work, so it will not infringe any third party rights, which includes but not limit to copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy and will not libel or defame any third party, and has obtained all necessary authorizations or permissions for third-party material into works of customer; customer guarantees that has obtained all necessary permissions, rights and authorization of orders, and to authorize the printing of customer work; APL may request customer to submit relevant authority authorization for verification if necessary.
14. If customer provided any printed contents which may involve defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or breach of our laws, and other printed matter, the Company reserves the rights to refuse in printing. With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Company will not also be responsible or liable for the contents user or any third party.
15. Customer shall undertake that if any person, group or institution for (i) breach of the terms of service; or (ii) any customer products in printed text, photos, images, graphics, or other materials covering or may be involved defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or violate our laws, the situation, and to make any form of litigation, claims, notification or take any action that will indemnify the Company and its directors, officers and employees for any losses suffered, including but not limited to the relevant claims, losses, costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.
16. The Company withholds the rights to make final decision on producing or printing of any files or materials from customer.
17. For delivery service, the logistics company shall deliver the goods in the fastest manner. Selected period of time is only the expected fastest time and period for stock arrivals. The Company is not responsible for any delays due to traffic, weather and unexpected happenings, nor customer should use the aforesaid as excuses for any claims or stock returns. Should customers request any specific time for delivery, please contact our customer service hotline for details.
18. The Company values the personal data and privacy of all clients. Any personal data that provided by customers due to opening an account with the Company, is only used for the purposes of placing order process or refund, and does not involve other commercial activities.
19. When typhoon signal number 8 is hoisted at anytime during the day, all productions will be postponed for 1 working day that may vary from the system platform showing. Customers are required to contact our customer service hotline to check and confirm the completion time.
20. The Company may change the printing method under special occasion (such as damage of the printing machine & etc.) without prior notice to the customer in order to meet the completion date.


* The Company reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version of the website shall prevail.